James Milner Says – Read this post!

  • We meet at the Butcher & Bullock pub, 911 West Pender, Vancouver
  • All games in all competitive competitions are shown LIVE (Premier League, FA Cup, Champions League, Carabao Cup) – Yes even the 4:30am games are on live.
  • Membership is now sold out for 2019/2020 – the online store is out of stock because we sold the maximum number of memberships we could.
  • You don’t need to be a member to watch games – Everyone is welcome at the Butcher and Bullock. Members will get priority entry on big games.
  • We can’t get Champions League tickets. We can’t get Premier League tickets unless we apply months in advance and unless you are members of LFC Vancouver and Liverpool FC’s official membership scheme.
  • Read the site for the full details on all of this.

LFC vs Burnley

Reservations are now open for non-members for the Burnley game – make your reservation here – please add names of all guests to the Customer Notes box that appears when you are checking out. You will get an error warrning if the box is empty. This is your reminder to add the names of people you will be watching with (or your own name if it’s just you)

Premier League Champions 2019/2020

It’s been a long wait. But we are record-breaking Champions of England, Europe, and the World. Rest assured, the rest of the games this season will be shown at the Butcher, and we will be trying to sort out new memberships for next season once the dust settles from this amazing season.

People have been asking if there will be a party. When the time is right and safe to do so, we will organize a celebration!

Let me tell you the story of a poor boy
Who was sent far away from his home.
To fight for his king and his country
and also the old folks back home .

Well, they put him in a Highland division
Sent him off to a far, foreign land.
Where the flies swarm around in their thousands
and there’s nothing to see but the sand.

Well, the battle it started that morning
Under the Libyan sun.
I remember that poor scouser Tommy
he was shot by an old nazi gun.
As he lay on the battlefield dying
with the blood pouring out of his head
As he lay on the battlefield dying
These were the last words he said

O I am a Liverpudlian
and I come from The Spion Kop.
I like to sing , I like to shout
I go there quite a lot .

We support the team thats dressed in Red
Its a team that you all know.
Its a team that we call Liverpool
to glory we will go.

We’ve won the league
We’ve won the cup
We’ve won in Europe too
And we played the toffees for a laugh
and left them feeling blue

5-0 !

Rush scored 1
Rush scored 2
Rush Scored 3
and Rush scored 4

LFC vs Palace Reservations Update – 8:25am 23rd June

  • There are still some tables of 3 and tables of 4 available for members to book.
  • We added a Wait-List option when trying to reserve – use this to go onto a waiting list in the event of cancellations, if your required table size is not available.
  • Please put the names of those people attending the game and the number of seats you want in the Customer Notes box on the check out page
  • As there are still empty seats, for these remaining tables, we will accept a reservation if ONE person at each table is not a member of LFC Vancouver
  • If there are still empty seats by 5:00pm on 23rd June, we will release any remaining tables to be booked by non-members in order to make sure the pub is full

Crystal Palace Reservations

Cinema Public House is accepting reservations for members and non-members for the Palace game.

The process for reservations at the Butcher & Bullock is being refined based on what we learned from yesterday’s game. Emails with instructions on how members of LFC Vancouver can make reservations for tables at the Butcher will go out after 5pm on Monday 22nd June. Thanks for your patience.

If you aren’t a member, please make reservations at Cinema and/or Ballyhoo Public House