James Milner Says – Read this post!

  • We meet at the Butcher & Bullock pub, 911 West Pender, Vancouver
  • All games in all competitive competitions are shown LIVE (Premier League, FA Cup, Champions League, Carabao Cup) – Yes even the 4:30am games are on live.
  • You don’t need to be a member to watch games – Everyone is welcome at the Butcher and Bullock. Members will get priority entry on big games.
  • We can’t get Champions League tickets. We can’t get Premier League tickets unless we apply months in advance and unless you are members of LFC Vancouver and Liverpool FC’s official membership scheme.
  • Read the site for the full details on all of this.

Confirm your emails if you buy a membership

There are 30 members who have paid for memberships but did not confirm their email addresses with us when they received the automatic confirmation email – If you purchased a membership for 2020/2021 and have not had emails from us – please check your spam/junk folders and confirm your email address to ensure you get membership related emails.

The Chelsea reservation link will be going to members this afternoon via email.

New Pub Reservation System – Tock

While COVID restrictions are still in effect, it’s necessary for the Donnelly Group to take reservations for fans wishing to attend live broadcast games at the Butcher & Bullock. They have introduced a new reservation system called Tock to help with this.

At 12:00 pm on Thursday 10th September 2020, all registered LFC Vancouver members will receive an email containing a unique link to make a reservation for the Liverpool vs Leeds game. Please read the following carefully:

  1. You need to register with Tock prior to making a reservation. You can register here, or during your booking.
  2. When reserving, you do so by selecting how many ‘tickets’ you need. For 4 guests, choose 4 tickets etc.
  3. Capacity is limited and the Butcher & Bullock will allocate tables/seating on a first come first served basis
  4. Please talk in your groups to make sure only one person from each group that sits together makes a reservation!
  5. When making a reservation, you need to answer a question – Please add the names of fellow LFC Vancouver members who will be attending the game with you. If you do not provide the names, we cannot track who has attended games for loyalty/priority purposes as the season progresses. It is member’s responsibility to make sure they give us all attendee details.
  6. The Butcher & Bullock / Tock will be your point of contact for all reservation questions

LFC vs Leeds – Reservations soon

Some people have asked when they can make a reservation for the upcoming Premier League game vs Leeds – We are working with the Donnelly Group, and they have a new reservation system and we are going to use it to allow LFC Vancouver members to make reservations for the upcoming season opener vs Leeds. We don’t know yet when we can send the link, but it will be sent via email in the next few days to all LFC Vancouver Members who have purchased a membership for the 2020/2021.

Please note – anyone listed on a reservation and attending games at the Butcher & Bullock needs to be an LFC Vancouver member, and you should only make reservations and share tables with those people who are inside your social bubble. You will need to provide names and contact details of all guests on your reservation, and you must all be LFC Vancouver members due to limited capacity. You should not leave your table or move around the bar unnecessarily during games.

If you haven’t got your membership yet, you aren’t on the email list, and won’t get the reservation email. Memberships can be purchased for $20 each from our online store.

How to watch LFC games at The Butcher & Bullock during COVID

Due to the current situation, the capacity of the pub continues to be extremely limited. The pub is following all health guidelines to operate a safe venue for fans to gather and watch games. They adhere strictly to the policies of social distancing and separation.

During LFC games at the Butcher, anyone attending is reminded of the following very important points:

  1. You must have a confirmed reservation at a table to attend games
  2. You must not have more than 6 people at your table
  3. You must not leave your table and mix with other tables or people
  4. You must stay seated during games
  5. When moving to the washroom, you must maintain 6 feet / 2 metres from other people
  6. You must follow the direction of venue staff at all times

How do I make a reservation?

We are working with The Donnelly Group to find the easiest way for reservations to work for the upcoming season. We may need to use the same system as at the end of the 2019/2020 season, where members apply for tables, and then non-members apply for any remaining tables in the lead up to games.

For the Charity Shield Game – Emails will go to members shortly with the reservation link

What About Priority Entry?

Priority entry for all members won’t be possible this year with the reduced capacity constraints. When you make a reservation request for a game, you MUST include the names and contact numbers of any other members sitting with you.

Currently we are using the LFC Vancouver store to pass reservations to the Donnelly Group:

When you are on the Checkout page of our online store, you will see a warning that says ‘Order Notes cannot be empty’ – When you see this, please ensure that you type the Name and Phone Number of every member attending the game in the Order Notes box. If you don’t add their names, then your reservation request may be ignored. It is your responsibility to add all guest names for (a) contact tracing, and (b) loyalty tracking.

When it becomes necessary to prioritize due to numbers, those members with the most credits will be given priority over other members.

If you don’t include the names of members at your table, then (a) Contact Tracing rules are not being followed, and (b) that member won’t get a loyalty credit for attending the game.