Liverpool v Watford LIVE at The Butcher and Bullock this Saturday

Liverpool v Watford will be shown LIVE as always at The Butcher and Bullock this Saturday. Due to the time change the match kicks off at 10:30am.

Please note that with Saturday being Paddy’s day the pub is expected to be busier than usual so you may want to arrive a bit earlier and grab a pint.

Man Utd v Liverpool LIVE this Saturday

As always The Butcher and Bullock will be opening early on Saturday to show this game live. Kick off is at 4:30am.

Liverpool v Porto LIVE at Butcher and Bullock

The second leg of our Champions League game v Porto is on Tuesday March 6 at 11:45am.

Liverpool v Newcastle LIVE this Saturday at Butcher and Bullock

This game kicks off at 9:30am on Saturday March 3.

Liverpool v West Ham LIVE at Butcher and Bullock


Liverpool v West Ham is on Saturday 24 February and kicks off at 7am.