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Liverpool v Watford and Everton

Liverpool v Watford is on Wednesday at noon

The derby is on Sunday at 8:15am.

Both matches will be shown live as always at The Butcher and Bullock.

Man Utd v Liverpool

Man Utd v Liverpool will be shown LIVE this Sunday at The Butcher and Bullock.
Kick off is at 6:05am.

Liverpool v Bayern Munich

The Champions League game first leg will be shown live at The Butcher and Bullock on Tuesday 19 February at noon.

Liverpool v Leicester and West Ham LIVE at The Butcher and Bullock

Liverpool v Leicester is on Wednesday at noon.
West Ham v Liverpool is on Monday 4 February at noon

Liverpool v Brighton

Liverpool v Brighton will be shown LIVE at The Butcher & Bullock this Saturday. Kick off is at 7am.