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Liverpool v Huddersfield

This game is on Friday at noon. The Butcher will probably be packed so arrive early if you can.

LFC v Porto & Cardiff

Both games will be shown live at The Butcher & Bullock.

Porto v LFC is on Wednesday at noon
Cardiff v LFC is on Sunday at 8am

Liverpool v Southampton and Porto

Southampton v Liverpool is on Friday at noon
Liverpool v Porto is on Tuesday April 9 at noon

Both matches will be on live at The Butcher & Bullock

Liverpool v Spurs

The Butcher and Bullock will be showing the game live on Sunday at 8:30am

Liverpool v Burnley LIVE

The Butcher and Bullock will be opening early on Sunday 10 March to show this game live. Kick off is 5am

Don’t forget that clocks go forward on Saturday night.