Liverpool V Blackpool



 We will be meeting to watch this game at 11:30am on Sunday 3rd October.

The game is not being televised live so instead we will be watching the Setanta delayed broadcast.

Due to the timeslot clashing with NFL games that start at 10am we will be watching this in the bar next door to G Sport called Red Square. This way we will have the entire bar to ourselves to play the game with sound and not have any conflict with the NFL crowd next door that will already be in the middle of watching their games at 11:30am.

Manchester City V Liverpool Fc


LFC Vancouver will be meeting on Monday at G Sport to watch the Man City game. Kick off is at noon.

They will be replaying the game that night with sound at 7pm.

I have no information yet on whether the Europa League game will be on TV next Thursday. My guess is that it won’t be, but if it is I’ll let you know.

I hope to see some of you on Monday lunchtime.lfctorres

Ste Speed
LFC Vancouver´╗┐