As the majority of you know, our regular venue for all live showings of Liverpool games for the last 6 years has been the G-Sport Bar and Grill. We have had some great times there, and it has been a great venue for us over the years. More recently, the atmosphere of the G-Sport Bar has changed. We ourselves have seen these changes reflected our experiences there. The chef, Brian, a close ally of the Club, left the pub. The staff have left club members standing in the cold and wet streets waiting for games to start.


The worst thing that has happened is that I have heard that long standing members of the club have become disillusioned and are no longer attending games at the G-Sport, because of some of the reasons outlined above and the general increase in a negative atmospher.


With this in mind, I have taken steps to find a new home for LFC Vancouver. Some of you will be aware that the Donnelly Group contacted me directly, and asked for a chance to redeem themselves for the wrongs done to this club when we were tenants at the Library Square Public House. I, along with members Wolfgang and Fraser, entered into discussions with the Donnelly Group with a clear agenda, including a detailed list of requirements, and asked them to address the wrongs that were done to us in the past, and also the wrongs that were exposed in recent press articles regarding that group.


I am pleased to announce that after several meetings, and a provisional agreement of terms, the LFC Vancouver Official Supporters Club will be moving to The Butcher and Bullock Pub as of Monday January 28, 2013. Therefore our last game at the G Sports will be the FA Cup game against Oldham next Sunday.


Many of you will already be familiar with The Butcher and Bullock pub through its previous incarnation when it was named Smiley’s. It is a great pub in a great location at 911 West Pender Street, close to both the Burrard and Waterfront skytrain stations as well as having plenty of parking nearby (with lots of street parking at weekends). I have attached a map of the area showing all the parking and skytrain stations that are close by.


The first game that LFC Vancouver will be watching at The Butcher and Bullock will be the lunchtime game against Arsenal on Wednesday January 30. This will be followed on Sunday February 3, with a big launch party during and after the game against Man City. We are currently working on some great special events and deals for the launch party on February 3, so please stay tuned as I will be announcing more in the next week about that.


I have received written agreement that the Donelly Group will treat the club and all members as valued customers at all times, and I was able to agree the following points:


The pub will open for all live games shown from 5:30am onwards. The doors will open no later than 15 minutes before kick off.


LFC Vancouver will be allowed to permanently hang the memorabilia previously displayed on the walls at G Sport.


All members of LFC Vancouver will receive a card from the pub giving a 20% discount on food at all times. We will also receive special pricing on Guinness, Magners and Carlsberg.


LFC Vancouver will have exclusivity in the pub and no other supporters club will be allowed to make it their home.


We will also be given our own section of the pub to call our own for midweek matches because the pub generally gets busy with lunchtime crowds.


All of the above and more are outlined in the written agreement I have drafted and signed with the manager of the pub.


While I am sure you are all nervous about a mid-season move, I can assure you that after careful consideration, I have acted in the best interests of the club, and I believe that in our new venue, we can go from strength to strength and grow as a club as we move into 2013.


I am sure you will all join me in thanking the G-Sport for being our partner for the last 6 years, and I trust that you will give the same level of commitment and support to our new venue as we move together into a new chapter in LFC Vancouver’s history.




Ste Speed

LFC Vancouver


New Membership Rules for LFC Vancouver


Hi all,

I’ve had quite a few e-mails from people who are confused about the new membership situation for next season. So I just want to make it all really clear for everybody who is confused.

So here are the new rules.

Anyone who doesn’t sign up with LFC to any one of the official membership schemes will not be a member of LFC Vancouver. Of course, all are welcome, and strongly encouraged, to join us at the G Sport to watch games but only members are eligible for any prize draws we might have or discounts on food at the pub or entry to any parties we hold or the discounts on the LFC shirts at Vanfield and any other benefits that are for LFC Vancouver members only.

You have 3 options available ‘International Membership’, ‘Membership Light’ or ‘Full Membership’. You can only purchase match tickets for Liverpool games if you hold the Membership Light or the Full Membership. You can also purchase a ‘Junior Membership’ for your kids if you so desire.

There will be a members sale for the first half of the season in July and a second members sale in November. If you hold one of the appropriate memberships, Liverpool FC will be contacting you personally before the sale in July to explain to you how to apply for match tickets. If you wish to be eligible to purchase tickets you must become an official member before June 30th and I must have your membership number in order to make sure Liverpool FC knows you are a  member of LFC Vancouver which is an official Liverpool International Supporters Club.

During the FA Cup Final in May there was a lot of confusion at the G Sport because well over 200 people showed up and at least half of that number contained people who were either not members of LFC Vancouver or simply casual football fans and not even Liverpool supporters. This led to a lot of members who attend the pub for games on a regular basis during the season to have to sit either in the restaurant next door or seperated from the people they usually sit with every week. Therefore I have made the following decision going forward as an additional benefit to our members.

For all cup finals and any other huge games that will attract large crowds, LFC Vancouver members will be allowed to enter the pub and sit wherever they like as soon as the pub opens. Non members will have to wait until a designated time, probably 15 mins before kick off, before they can enter. This is a benefit to those who have paid their dues and stops the non members or non supporters from taking seats from true members and regulars.
I have a list of all members of LFC Vancouver and either myself or someone else will stand at the door to make sure that members get priority for these occasions. This is a great benefit for those who choose to become a member.

I hope that everything is now clear going forward and this will ease any more confusion. I understand that some of you will be unhappy that instead of paying $20 local membership to join the supporters club you now have to pay a bit more ($32 for International Membership) to Liverpool FC to become an official member. Please understand that this a new rule that Liverpool FC has made for all supporters clubs around the world in order to make things more official and organised, especially it stops clubs buying tickets and selling them on which some other unscrupulous supporters clubs have done in the past. However for the extra membership money you do get some stuff sent to you by LFC such as a membership pack with some goodies inside like flags etc. Plus you will also get your value for money if you come to the pub and take advantage of the discounts on food and also if you buy your Liverpool clothing from Vanfield that discount easily makes up for the difference as well. Most importantly of all by becoming an official member you are becoming an important part of keeping your local supporters club official and giving us all something to feel like we belong to something important, something I have worked hard at to make great over the last six years.

Finally many thanks for your time and not getting mad at me as we got through all the recent changes and confusion over memberships that Liverpool FC put on us out of the blue. Fingers crossed it should all be smooth sailing from now on! It’s been a very stressful few weeks for me as I  took on all of this hard work alone. I feel that I have made the right decisions and made sure it is fair for the majority.

Ste Speed

LFC Vancouver Summer Party 2012


gsportlfcHi all


As we had so much fun last year LFC Vancouver is throwing another bash this year at the G Sport.


It will be on Saturday 7th July from 4pm till late.


There will be a charity raffle with LFC related prizes and we’ll be showing classic LFC matches on the TV’s.

All LFC Vancouver members will get a free 2 course meal and the chef Brian is putting on a special menu for us including a nice salad, chicken curry and a big pan of Scouse which was a huge hit last year.


Kids are welcome to come along and wives/husbands/girlfriends/boyfriends are invited too. We can’t guarantee a free meal for non members though as it depends how many turn up and how much food there is, that can be determined on the night.

Hope to see lots of you there on the night.


Ste Speed

LFC Vancouver

Newsletter – March 29, 2012


Hi all,


Well I was really upset when I wrote to you last week after the QPR game, but that was nothing compared to how I felt at 10am last Saturday when I nearly blew a serious fuse after the Wigan game! I can accept an occasional defeat, even to a struggling team far below us, as these things do happen from time to time in football and every big team has to suffer an upset at some stage during most seasons. But what I cannot accept is the manner of the defeat and the performances of many players which I was upset and quite frankly disgusted by. Before the Wigan game I don’t think it was unreasonable for any of us to have expected the players to bounce back in style to make up for the way we threw the game away at QPR, so that only added to the disappointment. Quite frankly I feel  a tinge of sympathy for those who have paid a lot of money for a  season ticket this season to see us win only five times and lose or draw to teams that we should be thrashing. Yes I know we have played well in a lot of these games and we were a goal-post, a crossbar or a goalkeeper having the game of his life away from winning more, but when you are going home after another draw or defeat the fact we played well is just no consolation, well it isn’t for me anyway because I want to win EVERY game.


I was also disappointed with Kenny’s comments after the game which I think were a little embarrassing if I’m honest. Now is not the time to be turning on The King, far from it, but even he has to be questioned from time to time. No matter how many times I can consider it, I do not understand why he blamed tiredness for the Wigan performance. If he genuinely felt that certain players needed a rest why didn’t he give them one? There are enough available players in our squad that could have stepped in for the game and if there is anybody on the clubs books that isn’t good enough to play against Wigan, a team which will more than likely still be relegated, then quite frankly they have no business being there.


I’m dying to know why he is continuing to start Jamie Carragher in the absence of Danny Agger, especially if he can’t handle three games in a week according to Kenny. I’m not trying to bash a great legend like Carra but every player has their day and his has come now. Coates was voted the best young player at last year’s Copa America where he was a key player in the Uruguay side that won the tournament. As my mate Blake said to me earlier in the week, if he is good enough to win the Copa America he should be more than good enough to handle Wigan.


I also don’t understand what is going on with Andy Carroll, when he was well out of form earlier in the season he was playing all the time. As soon as he started showing some improved form recently he has been dropped back to the bench. It’s a head scratcher that one, but I do have a  feeling he will play this weekend’s game.


We will be meeting at the G Sport this Sunday for the Newcastle game. As it kicks off at 5:30am, we will be watching a recording at 9am.

Many thanks go out to Wolfgang who is providing the DVD of the game for us.


Hope to see you soon,




Ste Speed

LFC Vancouver

Important Notice: Changes to LFC Official Membership & Branch Ticketing for 2011/12.


tkts Hi all, if you are planning to apply for Liverpool FC match tickets through LFC Vancouver for next season, please read the following information carefully.

Important Notice: Changes to LFC Official Membership & Branch Ticketing for 2011/12.


As part of their continued work to improve access to the Club for our international supporters, Liverpool FC has surveyed some of our international branches and their members to understand what they would like from both their Official Supports Club and LFC Official Membership.


Our Official Supporters Clubs provide a valuable service to our loyal LFC Supporters living in the area, and we will continue to promote our Official Supporters Clubs, so that Members can benefit from coming together with local fans for social events and to access match tickets.


The feedback they received was overwhelmingly in favour of the Club introducing a new Official International Membership Scheme so that international fans could feel closer to the Club.

They also felt the name ALL RED was confusing and wasn’t required in relation to the LFC Membership Scheme.


In response to this feedback, Liverpool FC is pleased to announce they will be launching LFC Official International Membership on 6th June, for 2011-12 season.  International Members will receive the following benefits:


•         Exclusive membership pack containing a personalised Membership Card, USB stick with Members Only content and footage, plus and an LFC silver branded pen

•         Monthly e-newsletter with Member only exclusive interviews and behind the scenes footage

•         3 months free trial of LFCTV Online

•         Team news and information sent before all Barclays Premier League home games

•         10% off retail in our online shop and in any LFC official club store

•         40% off LFC Weekly subscription

•         30% off LFC programme subscription

•         10% off official LFC books

•         20% off all Legends Tours & the Anfield Stadium Tour & Museum

•         10% off Anfield Experience and Ultimate Anfield Experience

•         Discounts and offers from partners and other club products plus more…


The cost of LFC Official International Membership will be £18.99. Please note: there is no individual ticketing benefit with International Membership. International Members will only be able to access ticket through their local Official Supporters Club Branch or by purchasing Adult/Junior UK Official Membership.


For the 2011/2012 season there are two important changes to Policy which will affect the way that our Branches manage their ticket allocation for Barclays Premier League Home Games.


1.     Following feedback from Branches regarding receiving/distributing tickets to your Members and handling refunds or reprints for lost tickets, beginning 2011/12 season, all paper match tickets will be replaced by smart cards. This will also support the Club’s aim to remove paper tickets at Anfield and improve the Club’s ticket administration.


2.     All Branch members wanting to attend matches will be required to join LFC Official Membership.  On purchasing a ticket through a Branch allocation, Members will have their individual Membership smart cards activated to gain access to the Stadium when attending a match at Anfield.


The new process for ticket allocation for the first half season 2011/2012 will be as follows:


1.     Liverpool Football Club will advise those Branches which have requested tickets the maximum number of tickets per Barclays Premier League home game that they may be allocated.

2.     Liverpool Football Club will provide an online form for completion by the Branch which will require a Membership Number for each person requesting a ticket.

3.     Tickets will be put on reserve for each of the Members.

4.     Payment will be requested from the Branch 4 weeks before each individual match

5.     A single payment will be required, made to LFC via bank transfer or card payment

6.     Once payment is cleared, the Membership Card of those Members who have requested tickets will be activated for entry.

7.     Individual Members will be emailed with details of their seat number

8.  Members MUST bring their own Membership Card to the Match in order to gain entry into the stadium. There will be a £10.00 fee to reissue seat details and these will only be released on proof of identity.


We thank you for your continued support and would ask that you make your potential requirement known to us as soon as possible so that we can advise the Club by return.



So if you are planning to attend any matches next season you will need to contact Liverpool FC from 1st June to sign up for your Membership Card. Once you have your card please let us at LFC Vancouver know your card number ASAP as we cannot apply for tickets without it, as they will activate your card if they are able to grant your ticket request. As it has been in previous seasons, The Liverpool Football club ticket office cannot guarantee that all applications will be granted but they will do their best to satisfy as many ticket request as possible, based on demand from the other supporters clubs around the world who may also be applying for the same games.

Liverpool FC have also given us a deadline of July 4th to have our ticket requests in to them, so as soon as the fixtures come out you need to let us know as soon as you can. If you ask us to apply for tickets after July 4th, your requests cannot be granted.

If you have any questions please let me know and I will do my best to get you an answer promptly.


Ste Speed