Firstly, thank you for your patience and understanding. We know there are a lot of passionate Reds in the city, and everyone wants to be at the Butcher & Bullock to support Liverpool. Please ensure you read the following information carefully before emailing LFC Vancouver with any unnecessary questions – we are getting a lot of emails and cannot respond to all of them.

We are glad to announce that we have secured four bars to operate exclusively as LFC Vancouver pubs on June 1st:

Butcher & Bullock:

The Butcher & Bullock will open at 09:00 to MEMBERS with priority emails only. If you have a friend/partner/relative or +1 who is not a member, they will not be allowed in with you before 11:00. NO EXCEPTIONS. We have a lot of members and need to be fair to everyone. The Donnelly Group will have staff on the door and you will need to show your priority email to them. Priority emails were sent on 21st May 2019. If you did not receive your email, and you have proof of your membership (an order or receipt email) then please contact us.

For those members who have long-standing table reservations: The Donnelly Group has advised that unfortunately they will not be honouring those table reservations for this fixture, so if you want your regular table, you need to get in line early in the day. Tables will be available on a first-come, first served basis. This is the venue’s operational decision.

09:00 – 11:00 – During the Priority entrance period for members only we will be providing free breakfast for members. If you don’t order your breakfast before 11:00, the club will not be responsible for paying for it.

11:00 onwards – we will open up to the general public, and will fill any remaining seats until capacity is reached at the Butcher and Bullock.

We plan on having Jamie Wright playing live music in the lead up to kick off – subject to his availability.

The Blackbird Public House:

The Blackbird Public House will open as our secondary bar. It will be open at 10:00 to EVERYONE on a first come-first served basis. We expect that all seating will be gone in the Butcher and Bullock by this time with members. Non-members who want to sit at tables during the game should try the Blackbird. The venue also has plans to open up a second level, which will allow for additional capacity on the day.

The Cinema Public House:

Cinema opens at 10:00 – RESERVATIONS NOW SOLD OUT – There will be limited walk in capacity on the day of the game.

Moose’s Down Under

Moose’s Down Under will open at 11:00 – RESERVATIONS NOW SOLD OUT