Champions League Final – Arrangements


There will be a change of plan for the European Cup Final Priority entrance for members for this game. Unfortunately, during the semifinals some members attempted to get multiple entries off one priority email, so for the final, you WILL need government photo ID along with your LFC Vancouver membership card for entry. The person whose name is on the membership is the ONLY person who will be coming in. If you have a partner/friend/enemy who is NOT a member, they will not be piggybacking in on your membership. NO EXCEPTIONS! In the coming weeks in the lead up to the final we will be available on particular days for you to collect membership cards. Stay tuned to the site and facebook page for announcements on when your card can be picked up, if you don’t have it. 


Memberships are now back online for a limited time only. Once the out of stock message re-appears that means we have sold the maximum amount of memberships that we can. If you are not a member of LFC Vancouver, we estimate that we will still have some availability to access the B&B on the day starting at 11:00


09:00 – 11:00: MEMBERS BREAKFAST AND PRIORITY ENTRY FOR BUTCHER AND BULLOCK: This will be a complimentary ‘English breakfast’ courtesy of LFC Vancouver for all members; come and get in early, Alcohol will be on sale, and we’re hoping to sort a little more pre-match entertainment between now and then. This is also the members’ priority entrance period. PLEASE NOTE: We expect this time period to be busy, and we have more members than seating, if you have finished eating and see another member looking for a place to eat, please try and help each other out, thank you.

10:45 – At this time we are slowly going to start re-positioning some tables on the lower level to make the bar more standing friendly and hopefully create better pathways for the staff to move through as well as an improved atmosphere.

11:00 – Open to Public – Any remaining space in Butcher and Bullock will be available to first come first served none members. (This will not include a breakfast)

11:00 – Blackbird and Cinema bars open to all Liverpool supporters.


Blackbird Bar is one block away from the B&B and will be our second home for the day. If you can’t make it to Butcher, this will be the next stop. Please come to Butcher first and if we are already at capacity we will redirect you to Blackbird.

Blackbird is now fully booked for tables but may still have standing room on the day.


The Donnelly Group will open Cinema Bar for LFC supporters who’d like to watch the game with anyone under the age of 19. We’ve had multiple requests for this and this is the only bar with a license that will allow us to accommodate mini reds.

Whether you are a member or non-member, please arrive at Butcher/ Blackbird before 11am. This gives us as much time as possible to ensure you are in one of the pubs prior to kick off.

11:45 – Kick off as the Reds begin the charge to #6.

Lastly, The Butcher and Bullock is/ and has been for many years, LFC Vancouver’s home. We will not have enough space in the Butcher to accommodate all Liverpool fans, so for that reason, NO REAL MADRID fans will be allowed entry to B&B. If you have a friend who is a Madrid fan and you want to watch together, please choose one of the other two bars for that day as the B&B will be Liverpool Only.

We appreciate everyone’s support and enthusiasm for LFC and LFC Vancouver and want to thank everyone for their support on these big days.


LFC Vancouver board.