Membership Card Pickup

If you are a new member and don’t have an LFC Vancouver card:

All LFC Vancouver members must ensure they have their membership cards for priority entry to the Butcher and Bullock before the Champions League Final. We will NOT be able to hand out cards on the day of the game. 

All other venues will not require membership cards. They are only required for priority entry to the Butcher and Bullock. 

Members from 2016-2017 who have renewed and have the 5-Star card design with name and membership number on it :

If you already have your LFC Vancouver membership card – it should have your name and membership number, and a 5 star design. It will need to be validated for this season. Bring it with you. We are NOT issuing new cards, simply validating the current cards. 

For Members in the Greater Vancouver area:

Membership Cards will be available for pickup at the Butcher & Bullock on the afternoon of Saturday 19th May between 3pm and 4pm. Members can pick up cards for themselves and family members / friends.

A facebook event has been created as a reminder so if you need to get your card, register your interest in that event

For Members in wider BC and Beyond:

We will contact you individually by email regarding collection of your membership cards. Look out for emails in the coming days – most likely early next week. 

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