Ol’ Big Ears – Vancouver Edition

LFC Vancouver promised a surprise for members this season. Those of you at the European Super Cup game today saw it in person! We now have a full-size replica of number 6!

Euro Cup
The European Cup at the Butcher

Loads of people got pictures today, but don’t worry if you missed out. In the near future, we will organize a photoshoot. This will most likely take place after one of the later kick-off games. Each member can get a complimentary photo taken with a DSLR camera (no selfies here! haha) with the cup. Non-members can get one too if you make a donation to the club of $5.

Obviously, even though the cup is a replica, it’s still quite valuable. It won’t be available for photos unless we are there, and it will remain on display (out of reach) in the pub when games are not on.

Stay tuned to the website/social media for further details on when you can get your photo with the cup!