Ol’ Big Ears – Vancouver Edition

LFC Vancouver promised a surprise for members this season. Those of you at the European Super Cup game today saw it in person! We now have a full-size replica of number 6!

Euro Cup
The European Cup at the Butcher

Loads of people got pictures today, but don’t worry if you missed out. In the near future, we will organize a photoshoot. This will most likely take place after one of the later kick-off games. Each member can get a complimentary photo taken with a DSLR camera (no selfies here! haha) with the cup. Non-members can get one too if you make a donation to the club of $5.

Obviously, even though the cup is a replica, it’s still quite valuable. It won’t be available for photos unless we are there, and it will remain on display (out of reach) in the pub when games are not on.

Stay tuned to the website/social media for further details on when you can get your photo with the cup!

Club Update – August 13, 2019

We will be meeting at The Butcher & Bullock for The Super Cup final on Wednesday, kick-off is at noon. We expect a big crowd, the pub was full to capacity for the Norwich game, so arrive as early as possible.

Going forward we won’t be sending out weekly emails advising when the next game is. Every single LFC game will be shown LIVE at The Butcher and Bullock. If you are still unsure when the next game is, you can check our website which has the upcoming fixtures listed.

Membership to LFC Vancouver is now full for the 2019/20 season. We cannot accept any more requests so please don’t ask, we are already at double the capacity of the Butcher and Bullock so can’t accommodate more.


Ste, Rod, and Andrew

LFC Vancouver

EPL Predictions League Week 1

The first week of Premier League fixtures is over and the Prediction League is ticking along – Here’s the table after Match Day 1. To take part, join our league here

1.Daryl Johnson10
1.Jarnel Lalli10
3.Scott McKenna9
4.Richy Hoolahan6
5.Andrew M5
6.Stephen Hanratty4
7.Ged Ashton3
8.Kevin Parnell2
9.Conor Hayes1
9.John patterson1

It’s close at the top!

Vancouver Champions Cup – Winners 2019!

Champions of Vancouver 2019

On Saturday 27th July 2019, LFC Vancouver took on Chelsea FC Vancouver in our annual supporter’s trophy match for the right to be ‘Champions of Vancouver’. In the last 2 years, we’ve been narrowly beaten, so this year’s game was a chance for us to copy the Liverpool Squad and bring home cup glory!

Under the baking sun, and in true Jurgen Klopp style, player/manager Hugh Hannigan selected a strong squad and set up some expert tactics to guide us to an 8-0 victory!

We started bright and eased into a 2-0 lead at half time. Chelsea could never live with the football of this Reds side. After the break, we ran riot and put in another 6 goals. The Chelsea goalkeeper kept the score lower with at least 5 good saves which should have been goals. The referee at the end of the game said “I didn’t know I was reffing the real Liverpool today” which raised a few laughs!

The game was played in great spirits and despite the somewhat skewed scoreline, everyone had a good time. The Chelsea guys were great sports as always and it was a good occasion for the clubs. Man of the Match was Peter Foley with a VVD-esque performance at centre back, and Fool of the Match was our very own bartender from the Butcher & Bullock – Barry O’Donnell – who almost got beaten by a shot from a kick-off because, in his own words, “someone behind the goal was eating a bucket of fried chicken, and I was distracted coz I could smell it and I wanted some”.

Goalkeeper extraordinaire Barry O’Donnell – also a lover of KFC?

It’s worth noting that other than that incident, “KFC” as he will now be known, was imperious in nets, and kept a clean sheet with a number of fine saves!

Vancouver Champions League Trophy back alongside Jurgen

The trophy is now back where it belongs alongside the signed photo of Jurgen Klopp! Thanks to everyone who took part, and we look forward to next year’s game!