This Week’s Liverpool Games at The Butcher & Bullock

Liverpool v Maribor is on Wednesday. Kick off at 12:45pm.

West Ham v Liverpool is on Saturday. Kick off is at 10:30am.

Liverpool v Huddersfield Town

This game will be shown LIVE this Saturday at The Butcher & Bullock.

Kick off is at 7am.

Spurs v Liverpool LIVE

This game will be shown LIVE at The Butcher & Bullock this Sunday. Kick off is at 8am.

Ticket Requests – Jan to May

Let us know via email only if you wish to apply for tickets for January to May.


The deadline for applications is 29 October and no requests after that date can be considered.


Usual rules apply:
– You must be a member of LFC Vancouver.
– Home premier league games only.
– Everyone who gets a ticket must have a valid full or light membership card from LFC.
– All requests cannot be guaranteed so don’t go booking flights and then getting upset if LFC do not allocate you any tickets.

– Dates and times of matches are always subject to change for fixture clashes or tv schedules.

Maribor v Liverpool LIVE

The Butcher & Bullock will be showing this game live at 11:45am on Tuesday 17 October.