Liverpool v Everton LIVE

The Merseyside Derby will be shown live at The Butcher and Bullock on Saturday April 1st.

kick off is at 4:30am.


Don’t forget, tickets are now on sale for A Night with David Fairclough on Friday April 28. You can get your tickets online at our website.

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Tickets for our event are on sale now!

A Night with Supersub David Fairclough – The Legend of St. Etienne

Liverpool v St Etienne March 16 1977
(Quarter Final European Cup 2nd Leg)

We recently marked the 40th Anniversary of one of the greatest games ever to be played at Anfield.

For Reds of a certain age, they will say that the 1965 European Cup match v Inter Milan was the greatest & younger Reds will say the Chelsea match in 2005 or the Dortmund game last year but 1977 marked the beginning of our complete domination of Europe for the next 7 years.

LFC Vancouver is delighted to confirm that on Friday April 28th 2017 – The Supersub himself – David Fairclough – will be joining us at the Butcher & Bullock for one of our legendary Sportsman’s Evenings. Tickets are on sale now at $35 via our online store. Your ticket price also includes your membership for the following 2017/18 season.

This event will be popular and tickets are limited so order now!

Further details will be posted on the site to confirm the event start time and prizes/special offers. Expect the event to start at around 7:00pm


Note: if you are just waiting to buy them at the pub, we are not accepting cash sales so you have to buy them on our website. You don’t need a PayPal account either, you can use a credit card via the payment link.

Next Match – Man City v Liverpool

This game will be shown LIVE at The Butcher & Bullock on Sunday March 19. Kick off is at 9:30am.

Liverpool v Arsenal LIVE at The Butcher and Bullock

We will be watching LIVE as always on Saturday morning. Kick off at 9:30AM.