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  1. Not quite sure what it was about him, I know I never loved him like Fowler but now he brings me no emotion either way. I see him as something of a mercenary that never quite reached the heights that he promised, despite having a very good career.

  2. Ste Speed says:

    The whole time he was at LFC I can honestly say he was my favourite player. When I look back now & with hindsight based on what he has done since then, I realise he was never ‘one of us’. At the time for whatever reason I just didn’t see any of that & only saw his goals in big games & the way he got us out the shit time & time again.
    Now I see things differently, in the 9 years since he left the club I don’t recall a single time when I’ve heard him talk about his time at LFC unless directly asked. Pretty much every player who has played for the club, especially ones with the pedigree of Owen end up becoming ambassadors for the club or show up at Anfield from time to time & generally display pride at having played for the club. Owen just seems robotic about the whole thing.
    I certainly don’t foresee him turning out for the legends team.
    However the likes of Gerrard, Carragher, Fowler & Hamman continue to speak very highly of him as a person so maybe I have it wrong.

  3. Russ Wardrop says:

    I don’t fall into either of the love or hate camps. Possibly even worse, I fall into the totally indifferent camp. Michael was a product of the LFC Youth system and progressed to be a very adept and often electrifying striker for the senior team. Certain goals (you know the ones) will stand out in every LFC supporter’s memory forever. Unfortunately, his LFC ‘career’ is much less memorable for me.

    Owen didn’t place England above Liverpool’s, rather Owen placed himself above everything else. The result is that while on paper, his resume is sprinkled with some big club names such as LFC, Real Madrid and ManU. The reality is that his presence on most of those other clubs (except LFC) is nothing but a blip on an ever-changing team roster. As Owen moves into retirement, it appears obvious that as time moves on he really won’t be remembered or welcomed for that matter at any of the clubs he played for. Real? Newcastle? ManU? Stoke? doubtful any of those supporters will shed a tear or raise a glass at his retirement.

    Owen to me is an enigma. He possessed a significant amount of talent that was ultimately wasted through injury and poor career decisions.

  4. Ste Speed says:

    He is a mercenary. The way he now says negative things about us in the press such as satung he was played too often earlier in his career & that’s why he had the injury problems. I don’t recall him complaining about that at the time. He always has to put the boot in. You see plenty of former reds at the Hillsborough memorials, even Rafa who was sacked, but Owen doesn’t show up. He has nothing to do with the old boys network proving we were nothing more to him than a means to an end.

  5. fingers says:

    Hi im Charlie Cooper, I live in Halewood in the south area of the city of Liverpool, and I’m in North Van for another full month as my best friend (Chris “BUNCE’ Thomas) is in an intensive care at the lions gate hospital in North vancouver after suffering meningitis and other life threatning conditions , he is battling back (slowly) like the true scouse warrior that he is ,with love and support we have kept the faith that he will overcome this situation it doesnt matter how long it takes , he is 42 yrs old ans has 2 children MICHAEL 8, and CHLOE 6 and has resided in Your beautiful city of Vancouver for the last 9 years , im his buddy and life long friend and have flown in to be at his bedside and look forward to meeting some fellow Reds (scousers or canadian) this sunday in the supporters club ………thanks very much; Justice for the 96 RIP ANNE WILLIAMS XXXXXX

  6. Tansey says:

    Apparently this man hasn’t lived in the UK for 20 years, and no one has asked his wife if she even wants him to go back to Liverpool. Which she doesn’t. His wife and kids are in North Vancouver, why would he want to go back to Liverpool?

    • Ste Speed says:

      Thanks for your comment. This article does not tell both sides of the story. The club was told that his wife separated from him a long time ago, and the couple are estranged. LFC Vancouver is supporting Chris by having our members go and visit him in hospital, and to keep his spirits up. We have also raised a small amount of money for the cause.

  7. The photographs are better than our performances warranted!

  8. LFC Vancouver says:

    The photos are fantastic mate – Ste

  9. irhemtulla says:

    Liverpool vs Leicester in the Carabao cup is scheduled to play on Tuesday, Sept. 19th. Perhaps it shows up on the TV schedule for that date?
    Thanks and thanks again for keeping us up to date – most appreciated!

  10. joedianemcquade says:

    Andrew ,I just registered 3 renewed members for 2018/19 .I would like pick up cards before next week . Will they be available on Sat morning . Thanks Joe McQuade
    Paul Rogan
    Charlie Hughes

  11. Almero van Wyk says:

    If there are still scarves available can one be kept for me unroll I get back to Vancouver in July. Pitty about the result but would still love to have a commemorative scarf.