James Milner Says – Read this post!

  • We meet at the Butcher & Bullock pub, 911 West Pender, Vancouver
  • All games in all competitive competitions are shown LIVE (Premier League, FA Cup, Champions League, Carabao Cup) – Yes even the 4:30am games are on live.
  • You don’t need to be a member to watch games – Everyone is welcome at the Butcher and Bullock. Members will get priority entry on big games.
  • We can’t get Champions League tickets. We can’t get Premier League tickets unless we apply months in advance and unless you are members of LFC Vancouver and Liverpool FC’s official membership scheme.
  • Read the site for the full details on all of this.

Official Liverpool FC Members – Please add us to your Liverpool FC friends and family!

To keep our Official club status, we need at least 15 Official Liverpool FC members linked to the supporter’s club.

If you have purchased an official Liverpool FC membership from Liverpool FC, please ensure you follow the instructions in the file linked below to add OLSC Vancouver as your ‘friends and family’ in the Liverpool FC ticketing website.

Our Branch Number is 10240116

The Branch Postcode is V6E4P2

This is especially important if you want to request tickets for Liverpool games via the OLSC – You will need to (a) be a member of LFC Vancouver, and (b) have a FULL or LIGHT membership from Liverpool FC, and (c) have us linked in your Friends and Family.

Liverpool FC is doing their audit on August 2nd to see how many members we have got. If you are able, please link us to your Friends and Family before then.

OLSC Vancouver Membership 2021/2022 Season

Memberships are now on sale for the upcoming 2021/2022 Season

Note you can only buy 1 membership per email address. If you want to buy for someone else, you need to use their email address on the online store to buy the membership. This is because we automatically add the email address of the person buying the membership to our databases.

If you buy a membership then once your purchase is complete, you will be asked to confirm your email address to join a mailing list calledĀ OLSC Vancouver 2021/2022 Members. Please click on the link in the email to ensure you are added to this mailing list, as this is the way we will send priority members-only emails.

If you don’t confirm your email you will miss out on the membership benefits.

OLSC Vancouver?

As part of their newest terms and conditions for the 2021/2022 season, Liverpool FC have requested that all suupporter’s clubs go by the official naming convention which is Official Liverpool FC Supporters Club Vancouver Branch, or OLSC Vancouver so don’t be worried if you see us renaming ourselves on social media platforms

2021 / 2022 Season Update

With the new season weeks away – we have some good news!

The Butcher & Bullock is going to be open for us this season, and with COVID restrictions easing, people will be able to come to games without having a reservation. For now, as things are improved COVID wise, we will no longer fans to have reservations for matches. If you want to watch Liverpool at the Butcher, you just show up on game-day. No reservations will be possible, or necessary.

There are still a few COVID safety rules to be obeyed – people must stay at their own tables – but other than that we are starting to move back towards a normal situation.

Memberships for 2021/2022 will go on sale soon – you are encouraged to buy a membership as priority entry will be given to members for the bigger games during the season. Any spare capacity once members have taken their seats will be released to non-members.