2022/2023 Season

The new season is around the corner!

We recently met with Freehouse(Co) to talk about some changes at the Butcher & Bullock as we move into the 2022-2023 season. There have been many challenges throughout the last 2 years and we are very lucky that we are perhaps the only Official Supporters Club that has not been drastically affected by the pandemic situation. The staff at the Butcher & Bullock have worked hard to keep the pub open for match viewings. That being said, some changes are necessary:

  • The Butcher & Bullock wants feedback on the food. Please give honest and constructive feedback if you have some on how the food & drink can be improved (use the form at the end of the post). They are committed to improving.
  • Absolutely no outside food and drinks during games (No coffee, no Tim Hortons etc.) – The Butcher & Bullock will work to improve the coffee, so don’t bring your own!

  • The Butcher & Bullock will add a $5 charge to each bill which will be taken off the bill if you spend more than $5 at games – some fans come in and don’t buy anything and this needs to stop as the venue needs to make money to stay open.

  • There will be jersey and prize giveaways at a small number of games this season!

  • Drink Specials – Guinness for $6, and Carlsberg for $6 during games!

  • If Liverpool score 5 goals in a game, everyone gets a free pint if they want one!

  • We will work with Freehouse(Co) to hold more promotional events and parties throughout the 2022/2023 season – hopefully starting with a season opener party if we can get one planned in time!

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