2023 / 2024 Season – Club Announcement

Last season was challenging for OLSC Vancouver and our partners at the Butcher & Bullock. Game attendance dropped significantly, and we lost our status as the biggest and best-supported club in Vancouver, with rivals like Chelsea consistently drawing higher crowds. The hospitality industry also faced numerous challenges during this time.

For the upcoming 2023/2024 season, we will be selling memberships, but please note that membership does not guarantee priority entry to games. Attendance is open to all, regardless of membership.

To help us track loyalty and attendance, we recommend all members sign up for the Freehouse.co loyalty program, which offers rewards and cashback for spending at the Butcher & Bullock. This helps us monitor who attends each game and for the bigger fixtures, the pub will provide us with lists of who has attended the most games so that we can give people priority based on how many games they’ve attended.

Sign up here: https://www.freehouse.co/rewards

Buying a membership means supporting OLSC for the season, and the fees will go towards running the club website and hopefully some new club merchandise. We encourage fans to attend as many games as possible at the Butcher and Bullock this season!