Club Update – August 13, 2019

We will be meeting at The Butcher & Bullock for The Super Cup final on Wednesday, kick-off is at noon. We expect a big crowd, the pub was full to capacity for the Norwich game, so arrive as early as possible.

Going forward we won’t be sending out weekly emails advising when the next game is. Every single LFC game will be shown LIVE at The Butcher and Bullock. If you are still unsure when the next game is, you can check our website which has the upcoming fixtures listed.

Membership to LFC Vancouver is now full for the 2019/20 season. We cannot accept any more requests so please don’t ask, we are already at double the capacity of the Butcher and Bullock so can’t accommodate more.


Ste, Rod, and Andrew

LFC Vancouver

Community Shield 2019

Join us on Sunday at The Butcher and Bullock for the annual curtain raiser for the new season as Liverpool take on Man City for the the 2019 Community Shield.

The match kicks off at 7am.