Bournemouth vs Liverpool

Due to emergency repairs the Butcher & Bullock will not be open for this game. The Ballyhoo Public House has kindly stepped in to open for Liverpool fans – It’s a 10 minute maximum walk and it can be found at Burrard and Smithe St.

The game will kick off at 8:30am

Ticket Requests – second half of season

The deadline for requests is 29th November at 5pm Pacific Time – we don’t have much time. Several members have emailed and made their requests. We can apply for up to 6 tickets for a game. 2 tickets have already been requested for Wolves.

If you are a member of OLSC Vancouver and you also have your Official Liverpool FC membership then contact us via email or the contact form before 4to make your requests.

PLEASE NOTE – Tickets are not guaranteed – you go into a ballot and may not get the tickets you requested.

Date Fixture  Time 
31/01/2024 Chelsea 20.00 
10/02/2024 Burnley 15.00 
24/02/2024 Luton Town 15.00 
09/03/2024 Manchester City 15.00 
30/03/2024 Brighton & Hove Albion 15.00 
03/04/2024 Sheffield United 20.00 
13/04/2024 Crystal Palace 15.00 
19/05/2024 Wolverhampton Wanderers 15.00