League Cup Final – 27th Feb 2022 – Chelsea vs Liverpool

An email has been sent to all members and newsletter subscribers containing the info for our upcoming final vs Chelsea. The details of the email are also below:

We have secured 3 pubs with 300 available seats that will act as the Official LFC Vancouver Supporters Club venues for the final. We do have an additional pub up our sleeve should the demand be enough.

Butcher and Bullock
Cinema (901 Granville St)
Lennox Pub (800 Granville St

Bookings will be for LFC Vancouver Supporters Club Members Only until Feb 18th. This means that ALL members of the party will need to be LFC Vancouver members, not just the person booking the reservation. We will be checking all names against our member list for entry. If any spaces are still available after Feb 18th, we will open this up to Non LFC Vancouver members at this time, so if you are planning to come, please book early.

Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond our control and Donnelly’s control, the capacity of all it’s pubs are limited at this time, this means that we CANNOT guarantee that LFC Vancouver members will get a spot in the Butcher this time. We know this will be disappointing for some, and we can only apologize for that, but there is no way around it. The good news is, we expect all these pubs to be full, and you’ll probably see lots of familiar faces no matter which pub you are at as we will be all spread out for this one.

Additionally – As of right now, you will need to provide proof of vaccination to attend. Again, this is a provincial mandate and beyond our control, so if this does not work for you, please respect that we have to work within these mandates.

How to Book:
Please send an email to rod@lfcvancouver.net with the below information:

Names of people attending (ALL NAMES):
No of people in your party:
Email address:
Phone Number:

If you are looking to bring an LFC fan under the age of 19, we can accommodate you at the Cinema Pub as this pub is allowed minors, please specify in the email if you have a minor in your party. Additionally, anybody under the age of 18 does not need to be a member of LFC Vancouver to attend.

We will be working on the assumption that everyone would ideally like to be at the Butcher, so please don’t request to be in the Butcher, however if your preference is to be placed at either Cinema Pub or Lennox Pub, please let us know in the email and that will be accommodated.

You will receive a confirmation email from LFC Vancouver confirming your booking, and advising you which venue you have been designated.

We hope to see as many people out as possible for this final!

European Cup Pictures / Membership Handout

For the upcoming Premier League game vs Manchester United on 20th October 2019 – we will have a photographer at the pub for members to get their free photo with the replica European Cup. The photos will be taken after the game. To get your photo, please show your email receipt from your membership order that you received this season. Membership cards are NOT valid. We have a list of valid members. On presentation of your email – you’ll get your free photo taken and you’ll be able to download it at some point soon to get it printed out or whatever.

For anyone who doesn’t have a membership, there is a $5 cash charge.

Important note on the photos – Guys, the trophy is a replica but even so it’s delicate and is already showing signs of wear and tear from being grabbed and kissed and handled and all that. When you get your photo you’ll be allowed to hold the thing by the handles, but please, don’t be putting it on your head, or swinging it around, or kissing it, or covering it in beer, etc… Other people will want photos with it and we don’t want it damaged or covered in grease and beer

Additionally, for LFC Vancouver Members only, we hope to be able to give out a special item we have been waiting for, assuming they come in on time! They are in the post and should be here. Stay tuned to the website / social media for this. Again – you will get your item when you present your membership email receipt as proof.

Vancouver’s “Super Cup” – LFC vs Chelsea

We need a volunteer to organize this event – You will need to sort out players, get some practices organized, and organize payment of the ref, and sort out the after party at the Butcher & Bullock. Please email us if you want to help organize this event. We have an email list of players who have played in previous seasons that can help you, and you’ll need to recruit a few extras.

On Saturday 27th July 2019 – LFC Vancouver will take on Chelsea FC Vancouver in what some are dubbing “the Vancouver Super Cup” following their small trophy in Baku and our monstrous 6th European Cup in Madrid this season. It’s about time we won this trophy back, having let the Chelsea boys keep hold of it the last few games.

Please note – the game is competitive and played to a high standard. You need to have a good level of fitness and football ability to play. The game is 90 mins on a full pitch, in the summer. It’s not just a kick around. If you are interested in playing and play to a good standard, then email us.

The game will take place at Trillium Fields in downtown Vancouver and kick off will be 10:00 am. It’s LFC Vancouver’s turn to host the after-party this year too, so the post-game drinks will take place at the Butcher & Bullock as long as it is available.

Important: Upcoming CL Semi Final

Read These Rules Carefully

These are the arrangements for the upcoming Champions League games between Liverpool FC and Barcalona FC. We will run priority entry for LFC Vancouver members before the doors open to the public for these games.

  1. Membership is closed for the remainder of this season. Memberships cannot be bought.
  2. Members will receive a priority entry email from LFC Vancouver for entry to the Butcher & Bullock between 10:00am and 11:00am on the day of each game. After 11:00am – any remaining capacity will be opened up to members of the public. Emails will go out in the week leading up to the games.
  4. Exceptions to rule 3 are the 4-5 tables that are long-standing reservations with the Butcher. If you have one of these tables, you already know who you are, and you already know that you need to confirm your reservation with the Butcher. You will get priority entry in the same manner as all other members between 10:00am and 11:00am – You will NOT get any other special entry privilege.
  5. Once the pub hits capacity, the doors will close. If you do not use your priority entry between 10:00am and 11:00am – do not expect to be able to walk up to the pub with 10 mins to kick off. It will likely be at capacity and you will miss out.
  6. We have a list of members. Anyone who shares their email or tries to give copies of it to other people won’t be allowed in. In previous years, people have tried to abuse the system. Don’t do it.
  7. We will be arranging overflow pubs with the Donnelly Group and will issue more detail on those pubs closer to the game.