Champions League Final / FA Cup Final

Here’s a reminder of the arrangements for the upcoming Cup Finals

  • Fans who are members of OLSC Vancouver for 2021/2022 will be given priority entry to the Butcher & Bullock while there is capacity at the venue.
  • Everyone who purchased a membership for the current season has been sent an email confirmation that they have a valid membership purchased this season. Check your spam folders if you are a member and don’t have the email.
  • Please have your original email receipt of membership or the email confirmation ready prior to entry – as per previous games you will be checked against the members list and will be given a wristband for priority entry. Do not take this off!
  • Friends/family of members or +1 guests will have to use the non-members line up, and will not be permitted priority entry with members, with no exceptions
  • Fans should not queue-jump and go and stand with friends who are further ahead in the line. Door staff will be watching for this and if you are seen queue jumping you’ll be held back or sent to the back of the line. Don’t do it, be fair to other fans please.
  • There are no table reservations for either final at the Butcher & Bullock.
  • Please don’t invite your Chelsea/Real Madrid supporting friends. Fans of other clubs will be directed to other venues as we want to reserve all space for Liverpool fans.

For the FA Cup Only:

  • All OLSC Vancouver members in attendance at Butcher & Bullock will be given a voucher for a free breakfast on behalf of OLSC Vancouver before the game
  • Cinema is now fully booked and can take no more reservations

For the Champions League Final:

Butcher & Bullock

  • The Butcher & Bulllock will be open at 11:00 for all members on a first come first served basis. 
  • At 11:30 the pub will be open to non-members until capacity is reached. As usual, we will NOT be taking reservations for the final. Please do not call the pub, you will be directed back to OLSC Vancouver.

Cinema will open at 11:30 for ALL Liverpool fans and is now fully booked – There are no more reservations available.

Brass Fish

Brass Fish is now fully booked

You will receive a confirmation email from Rod with your booking and venue if and when we can secure the new venue and reservations. For all those still on the reservation list we are trying to find new venues that can accommodate you.

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