European Cup Pictures / Membership Handout

For the upcoming Premier League game vs Manchester United on 20th October 2019 – we will have a photographer at the pub for members to get their free photo with the replica European Cup. The photos will be taken after the game. To get your photo, please show your email receipt from your membership order that you received this season. Membership cards are NOT valid. We have a list of valid members. On presentation of your email – you’ll get your free photo taken and you’ll be able to download it at some point soon to get it printed out or whatever.

For anyone who doesn’t have a membership, there is a $5 cash charge.

Important note on the photos – Guys, the trophy is a replica but even so it’s delicate and is already showing signs of wear and tear from being grabbed and kissed and handled and all that. When you get your photo you’ll be allowed to hold the thing by the handles, but please, don’t be putting it on your head, or swinging it around, or kissing it, or covering it in beer, etc… Other people will want photos with it and we don’t want it damaged or covered in grease and beer

Additionally, for LFC Vancouver Members only, we hope to be able to give out a special item we have been waiting for, assuming they come in on time! They are in the post and should be here. Stay tuned to the website / social media for this. Again – you will get your item when you present your membership email receipt as proof.