LFC Vancouver Membership 2019/2020

Memberships for 2019/2020 are on sale now in limited numbers. There are 325 available. The membership details are a little different this year. Please read below carefully!

Due to memberships completely selling out in the summer of 2018, we had to close memberships this year for the first time ever in order to be able to accommodate all our members at the Butcher for finals. Now we are looking forward to the 2019/20 season at LFC Vancouver and with the start of all new memberships, and in discussion with the Butcher and Bullock, we have some new rules in place for next season that you need to read before joining again.

  • There are no longer any membership cards. Lots of people never ever collected them, so we got rid of the cards. You don’t need a card anymore, and we won’t be issuing them. 
  • To buy a membership you need an email address. You have to register your own email address, and you can’t use the same email address to sign up multiple people. Your email receipt will be proof of your membership. Memberships for 2019/20 will be $15 and will only be available for purchase online via paypal or credit card. We will no longer accept cash/other methods of payment. You will receive an emailed receipt for your purchase, please keep this in case of any discrepancies down the line. 
  • Long-Standing Reservations – The pub will no longer be holding reservations for tables for any games and the pub will be first come first served. Unfortunately, it has become problematic for the pub to maintain reservations due to capacity and popularity of the club, and we stand by them on this decision. 
  • Liverpool Tickets – We are applying for 2 tickets to every home Premier League game in 2019/2020. We will publish the results of our ticket application when LFC lets us know, We’ve had a large number of applications for tickets over the last two years from members who do not follow the LFC ticketing rules for supporters clubs. We will no longer be making exceptions for this, and if you do not sort LFC memberships out yourself, you won’t be eligible for tickets through the supporters club.
  • Regarding the above – We have had multiple games over the last couple of seasons that have had multiple members applying for tickets. When this has been an issue, we have simply conducted a draw from a hat to decide who gets to go to Anfield. This will no longer be the method, and priority will be given to members who actually attend the Butcher and Bullock regularly over individuals who just buy memberships to apply for tickets.

We hope to have something very exciting for you at the Butcher and Bullock next season, but it’s a little too early for us to release any further information.