LFC Vancouver New Website

Welcome to our brand new website. With Liverpool FC beginning it’s new era this season it’s the perfect time for LFC Vancouver to relaunch ourselves on the internet. I think you will enjoy our new site with all the great new features which include:

  • 2 dedicated areas to all things Liverpool newsite
  •      (1) The Editor (opinions on LFC from the past to present)
  •      (2) Newsletter (Weekly news relating to the supporters club)
  • RSS feed driven LFC news area
  • Integrated search engine
  • Archived areas (Soon to be updated with news pieces from the old site)
  • Newsletter Subscription area
  • Fully functional Photo gallery area
  • Integrated online contact form
  • And more …

Big thanks goes out to Robert Tubridy for all of his hard work and dedication for putting this new site together for us.


LFC Vancouver