Official Liverpool FC Members – Please add us to your Liverpool FC friends and family!

To keep our Official club status, we need at least 15 Official Liverpool FC members linked to the supporter’s club.

If you have purchased an official Liverpool FC membership from Liverpool FC, please ensure you follow the instructions in the file linked below to add OLSC Vancouver as your ‘friends and family’ in the Liverpool FC ticketing website.

Our Branch Number is 10240116

The Branch Postcode is V6E4P2

This is especially important if you want to request tickets for Liverpool games via the OLSC – You will need to (a) be a member of LFC Vancouver, and (b) have a FULL or LIGHT membership from Liverpool FC, and (c) have us linked in your Friends and Family.

Liverpool FC is doing their audit on August 2nd to see how many members we have got. If you are able, please link us to your Friends and Family before then.