Bournemouth vs Liverpool

Due to emergency repairs the Butcher & Bullock will not be open for this game. The Ballyhoo Public House has kindly stepped in to open for Liverpool fans – It’s a 10 minute maximum walk and it can be found at Burrard and Smithe St.

The game will kick off at 8:30am

Ticket Requests – second half of season

The deadline for requests is 29th November at 5pm Pacific Time – we don’t have much time. Several members have emailed and made their requests. We can apply for up to 6 tickets for a game. 2 tickets have already been requested for Wolves.

If you are a member of OLSC Vancouver and you also have your Official Liverpool FC membership then contact us via email or the contact form before 4to make your requests.

PLEASE NOTE – Tickets are not guaranteed – you go into a ballot and may not get the tickets you requested.

Date Fixture  Time 
31/01/2024 Chelsea 20.00 
10/02/2024 Burnley 15.00 
24/02/2024 Luton Town 15.00 
09/03/2024 Manchester City 15.00 
30/03/2024 Brighton & Hove Albion 15.00 
03/04/2024 Sheffield United 20.00 
13/04/2024 Crystal Palace 15.00 
19/05/2024 Wolverhampton Wanderers 15.00

Luton vs LFC – Shirt raffle

At the next game vs Luton at 0830 on Sunday 5th November, we will be selling raffle tickets before and after the game to win a classic Liverpool FC shirt signed by John Barnes

The shirt will be raffled when we have sold all raffle entries for this shirt, and the winner will be selected at random from all raffle entries.

Each raffle ticket costs $5 – or you can get 5 raffle entries for $20

(We will be able to take debit / card, and also cash)

In future games we will raffle off the other shirts we have:

  • Kenny Dalglish – $15 per entry
  • Allison Becker – $15 per entry
  • Konate – $10 per entry
  • Robertson – $10 per entry
  • Firmino – $15 per entry
  • Steven Gerrard – Istanbul 05 – $15 per entry
  • John Aldridge – $5 per entry
  • Jan Molby – $5 per entry
  • Bruce Grobbellar Rome 84 – $5 per entry

We will post the shirt raffles on the website and social media prior to the games the raffle tickets will be available at

(Note the number of raffle entries is limited for each shirt. Once we hit the limit no more tickets will be sold. If you buy one entry you have a 1 in 50 chance to win. If you buy 5 tickets, you have a 1 in 10 chance to win)