Boxing Day – Butcher is closed

Due to the very early 4:30am kick off on Boxing Day – The Butcher & Bullock will NOT be opening for the Liverpool vs Leeds United game.

We wish everyone a happy and healthy holiday season and hope to see everyone back at the pub for the games against Leicester on 22nd December and Tuesday 28th December


Vaccine Passports Required

Reminder – Provincial Health regulations require that anyone attending Liverpool games at the Butcher & Bullock shows Photo ID and Proof of Vaccination before they are permitted entry.

The staff have no choice but to follow this order as they will be heavily fined for violations. Please respect the staff and the rules that are in place.

Vaccine Passports at The Butcher & Bullock

Please take note:

As of 13th September 2021 – it will be mandatory for any guests going to the Butcher & Bullock for any event to show a valid vaccine passport and ID when they go to the venue. Before October 24th, you must have at least 1 vaccine dose. After October 24th, you must have 2 vaccine doses.

Liverpool FC games are not exempt from  this provincial rule, therefore any fans wishing to watch games at OLSC Vancouver events must adhere to the rules and (a) get vaccinated, and (b) show the vaccine passport in order to watch games at the club. Anyone who cannot produce a valid vaccine card will not be allowed entry. 

More info can be found here: