Membership Sales Closed until December

As per our recent post, membership sales were suspended on August 1st 2021

Membership is not necessary to watch games at the Butcher & Bullock but members get priority entry for bigger games, due to the pubs limited capacity.

Memberships will be made available again in December 2021

Season Opener – Norwich

The first game of the season takes place on Saturday 14th August. Here are the important reminders:

  1. There are NO RESERVATIONS for tables. We are not accepting reservations and fans cannot make reservations.
  2. If you are an OLSC Vancouver member, please bring your email receipt of purchase of your membership with you to the pub on Saturday as priority will be given to members until we reach capacity.
  3. Capacity is limited to 130 people for now. Please arrive early to avoid disappointment. Doors should be opening at 0900.
  4. Doors will be opened to non-members 15 mins before kick-off so if you are a member please arrive at least 30 mins before kick-off.

As we are still in COVID recovery – please note the following:

  1. The Butcher & Bullock is not yet open to the public – they are only opening to allow us to watch the game – and they currently have a very small staff. Please be patient with the service. There may be limited food and drink options.
  2. No standing (guests must remain seated at all times)
  3. No mingling tables (please stay at your tables)

LFC Ticket Request – First 3 Games

We have been invited to apply for tickets to the following games:

Burnley – Saturday 21st August 12:30pm

Chelsea – Saturday 28th August 17:30pm

Crystal Palace – Saturday 18th September 15:00pm

The deadline to apply is 1st August 2021.

To apply – you must have an OLSC Vancouver membership, and you also must have an Official Liverpool FC Light or Full membership. OLSC Vancouver memberships are on sale in our online store until August 1st 2021

(International Memberships cannot be used to apply for tickets)

If you are an OLSC Vancouver member for 2021/2022, and have got your Official Liverpool FC Full or Light membership, please use the form below to submit a ticket request

    Get your membership now – closing August 1st

    All remaining 2021/2022 season OLSC Vancouver memberships will be removed from the online store on Sunday 1st August 2021

    If you haven’t got your OLSC Vancouver membership yet, then please get it before August 1st 2021 to avoid missing out on priority entry and the usual membership perks.

    Memberships will go on sale again in December for 2 weeks, for the second half of the season.

    Official Liverpool FC Members – Please add us to your Liverpool FC friends and family!

    To keep our Official club status, we need at least 15 Official Liverpool FC members linked to the supporter’s club.

    If you have purchased an official Liverpool FC membership from Liverpool FC, please ensure you follow the instructions in the file linked below to add OLSC Vancouver as your ‘friends and family’ in the Liverpool FC ticketing website.

    Our Branch Number is 10240116

    The Branch Postcode is V6E4P2

    This is especially important if you want to request tickets for Liverpool games via the OLSC – You will need to (a) be a member of LFC Vancouver, and (b) have a FULL or LIGHT membership from Liverpool FC, and (c) have us linked in your Friends and Family.

    Liverpool FC is doing their audit on August 2nd to see how many members we have got. If you are able, please link us to your Friends and Family before then.