Reminders for Fans

Just a few reminders for everyone as we approach the end of the season

  1. The Butcher & Bullock shows as closed on social media and the internet but they are OPEN for all Liverpool games regardless of what Google or Apple says about their status.
  2. Please don’t bring outside food and drink to the pub – It’s not ok to bring your boxes of McDonalds chicken nuggets or your Starbucks Coffee into the Butcher & Bullock – the pub needs our financial support in these tough times!
  3. We need people to come along to all of the games, including the 4:30am ones. Other supporters clubs in the city are down in the single digits for attendance. We have always been one of the largest but even our attendances in this massive season are very low.
  4. FA Cup Final Arrangements will be announced later tonight. It will be similar to other cup games with priority entry, but with an added bonus for members.

The main thing: Get yourselves down to the pub and support Jurgen and the Reds during this historical time! We want to see the 200+ crowds of old for all our remaining games this season!